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Let the year begin!

February 5, 2013 by jessclassroom   

Welcome to Jess’ classroom blog. Here you will find all sorts of information about 5/6A, and all the amazing work we do. This blog is also helpful for finding homework descriptions, spare notes to download, and links to other blogs and great learning resources.

Update as of 5th February: 5/6A have spent the last 5 days getting to know each other. We have discussed our ideas about the four school values (respect, optimism, care and collaboration), creating shared ‘coat of arms’, which can be seen on the values tree in the school foyer! If you can find the message in each of our illustrations, we’ve effectively used non-verbal communication!

We’ve also begun the year by getting ourselves organised. Timetables have been created, checklists made up, and we’ve discussed how to use the school diary effectively and efficiently.

For Maths, we’ve begun measuring the classroom, creating a scale drawing of each student’s ideal classroom set up. We will spend the rest of the term putting the amazing ideas to the test.


I look forward to a fun, energetic, enthusiastic and positive year in 2013!


  1. Joanne Ryan says:

    Hello Jess and grade 5/6. I am browsing through Moonee Ponds Primary School blogs – having a great time looking at the exciting ways students learn in the 21st century.

    Had to stop here and post a comment because I am laughing out loud at the rock and ruler. And yes that’s right I type the whole word becuase it is age appropriate and I will look like a “try hard” if I use LOL.

  2. afrah3 says:

    Hello Jess!
    Congratulations for starting your very own blog.
    Well done!
    Yours sincerely,

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