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August, 2013

  1. Debate Topics

    August 2, 2013 by jessclassroom

    Debate topics for the remainder of the term:

    31.7.2013 Exploration always has positive outcomes
    07.08.13  Space exploration is costing more than its worth.
    14.08.13  Explorers are always fearless and wealthy.
    21.08.13 Medical research is always unsuccessful due to limited funding.
    28.08.13  Britain should have left Australia alone, then we would be a self governing county.
    04.09.13 Australian explorers have had only limited success due to their isolation.
    11.09. 13 The only famous explorers in world history originated from Europe.

    18.09.13 Female explorers are always overlooked in history.

  2. Spelling Homework Term 3 Week 4

    August 2, 2013 by jessclassroom

    New words: ceremonial, cinnamon, civilizations, colonization, devastation, enlistment, galleon, harassment, isolation, landscape

    1. Write Dictionary meanings of the 10 list words.
    2. Write a paragraph containing 6 list words. Underline each list word.
    3. Choose 6 words and write the base word for each of the words. eg : capitalization eg : capital

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