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Here you will find information about homework expectations, descriptions and due dates. You can also ask clarifying questions to help you complete your tasks. I will try to reply here in order to help the whole class if needed!



Maths Mate are due every Wednesday. Your sheets must be signed by a parent/guardian. This is your parent’s letting me know that you’ve made time at home to sit down and do your maths homework.

The front page of your Maths Mate should only take about 10 minutes. The second page you will need to spend a bit longer on, take your time. Someone at home may need to help you with some of the last few questions.



Your diaries must be signed by a parent/guardian and brought in to school every Friday. This is to let me know that you are using your diaries at home to keep track of all of your homework/assignments.



Reading Reflection Logs are due in every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Make sure they are up to date. You should be recording what you’re reading every evening or morning.


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