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Parts of Speech


Parts of Speech Poem

A noun is called,

A person place or thing.

Some examples include,

teacher, desk, and ring.

A verb is an action,

Something you can do.

Run, jump, and walk,

Are examples you can use.


Adjectives are descriptions,

Like black, red, and blue.

Old, young and large,

Are good examples too.

Adverbs are words

Used to modify,

Other verbs and adjectives,

Mostly ending in ‘ly’.

On to prepositions,

They have a lot to do.

They give a location,

like on, under, or through.


Pronouns are special

They replace nouns.

He, she, and they,

Are some that are found.

Conjunction, junction,

What say you?

Combining sentences,

That’s what we do.

Interjections are special,

Yes, it’s true,

They get punctuation,








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